Adopting Modern Approach and Positive Outlook

Regardless of the task in hand, focusing on the positive that can be brought about by change, not the negative, will surely help steer individuals towards positive outcomes.

The rapid advancement in innovative technology has brought momentous change to every area of life regardless of profession, age demographic or social status.

Yet, for those of us with careers now spanning multiple decades, it is easy to be sentimental about simpler times. After all, we had free access to Higher Education; affordable housing; Final Salary pensions which paid out in full; high stock market returns; an unregulated financial service sector presenting endless business opportunities, as well as a fast-living, fun-loving, high-spend culture.

Sales jobs involving sitting at a desk with no more than a telephone, note pad and pen provided as tools to achieve a clear set of objectives, in return for a fat performance-based pay cheque and indulgent long lunches plus a working day that ended when you left the office are now a bygone era.

It’s okay to reminisce fondly, but more important is to look ahead with enthusiasm. A tall order perhaps when faced with the negativity projected by news channels: increased living costs, volatile markets, lower wages, job insecurity. No wonder that getting a foot on the housing ladder seems an impossible dream for generations coming thorough.

Yes it’s tough out there but we must remain positive and open to opportunity.

Technology has brought enormous freedom. Hard work is still a prerequisite for success, but many individuals no longer have to work regular hours for big corporates to provide for the family and afford the finer things in life.

Advancement of technology means it is possible to work, live and travel anywhere. We have less expensive, easier access to exotic destinations - all while remaining in contact with loved ones, clients, bank accounts, investments and global news.

We benefit from sustained health and are living longer which means the retirees of the future do not fit with our current expectations of retirement. An online investment business recently marketed retirement planning to the young as the equivalent of saving for a 30-year ‘gap year’. This is indeed a far shinier, attractive vision to look forward to and sacrifice salary for.

The financial services sector is tardy at adopting innovative approaches to engage young people with financial planning. The successful businesses will be those which integrate their vast experience with innovative technology platforms and which ensure their business models reflect modern attitudes.

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