Ten big discussion points from Space Money Talks “Financial Advice in a Digital World”

Space, 01.03.2017

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Scrap annual taper in Autumn Statement

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Navigating choppy waters: Will advice or technology led models flourish in the future?

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Why the chancellor needs to scrap LTA and tapered annual allowance

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Sheriar Bradbury: Why UK advisers have less to fear from Brexit than most

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Expect pension flat rate now or never (in this Parliament)

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Engaging the young is a necessity

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Intergenerational financial planning solutions

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Untangling Brexit: Advisers must keep calm and carry on

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Platforms: New battlefronts emerge from price war

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Is customer agreed remuneration the answer for smaller clients?

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Fierce competition curbs Bradbury Hamilton’s M&A plans

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Citizens Advice backs IFAs over FCA register promotion

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Guide to Due Diligence

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Accountants fear financial advice requests

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How to protect yourself in Chancellor's tax war

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Return of commission: Three advisers battle it out

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‘A step backwards’: IFAs criticise FCA’s commission comments

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Smarter Business Innovators: Bradbury Hamilton’s Sheriar Bradbury

Money Marketing, 29.01.16


Bradbury Hamilton’s Sheriar Bradbury on future-proofing his business

Money Marketing, 26.01.16

Bradbury Hamilton's long game sees profits surge 168%

Professional Adviser, 18.01.16

Bradbury Hamilton profits soar by 168%

FT Adviser, 18.01.16


Second-hand annuities: a car crash waiting to happen

New Model Adviser, 14.01.16

Trail tribulations: five ways to cope after commission

New Model Adviser, 29.06.2015

As the end of the commission era draws even closer, advisers who want their businesses to survive must find a way to move on.

Building an adviser business – Sheriar Bradbury

Adviser Business Review, 29.05.2015

Acquiring client banks has helped Sheriar Bradbury build Bradbury Hamilton into a financial planning business of £200m AUM but in the past six months he has changed tack, looking at what is the most profitable course of action, he says

Adviser Business Review: Since inception, what strategy have you employed to grow Bradbury Hamilton?

'The dangerous game asset managers play': Adviser reaction to £4bn man Pidcock's exit

Professional Adviser, 22.05.2015

News Jason Pidcock is dropping his £4.4bn mandate with Newton for rival Jupiter has caused investment advisers to reassess whether the fund is the best place for clients' money...

Newton Investment Management's Jason Pidcock is leaving the group to join Jupiter.

He has been manager of the £4.4bn Newton Asian Income fund since launch in 2005, and will join Jupiter later in the year.

Lead by example: Lessons from the UK election race

Professional Adviser, 08.05.2015

Truth and trust are desirable qualities in both political leaders and financial planners, writes Sheriar Bradbury.

One of the key highlights of this year's election has been the importance of leadership. The figurehead of any political party has always been an important aspect of voting patterns, but this election has arguably been unique in that the leadership qualities of all candidates have taken centre stage throughout the election race.

Adviser acquisitions: five top tips to find the best buyer

CityWire, 05.05.2015

Some advice businesses have a window of opportunity to sell for a good price before the end of the trail commission sunset clause potentially floods the market with firms looking to exit. However, not every adviser sells their business to give themselves an exit. Many wish to continue working without being responsible for running the business.

Insistent clients easy prey without FCA guidance, warns adviser

Professional Adviser, 05.05.2015

A lack of regulatory guidance around insistent client handling could lead to the emergence of specialist firms who will seek to exploit retirees for a quick income, an adviser has warned.

Bradbury predicts bargain buyouts due to sunset clause

FTadviser, 25.03.2015

Acquisitive advisers should be on the look out for expansion opportunities in the lead up to the sunset clause for platform rebates next year, as firms dependent on legacy income streams begin to accept hefty discounts to exit, according to Sheriar Bradbury

Sheriar Bradbury: The lessons I've learned

Professional Adviser, 19.03.2015

IFA Sheriar Bradbury shares the highs and lows of working in the financial advice sector, going bust and how a subsidised copy of the Financial Times led to where he is today. "I think one of the biggest lessons I have learned during my career..."

Drawdown post-April: Adviser case studies

FTadviser, 16.03.2015

From the 6 April, more of the clients not annuitising (many) and not taking their fund entirely in cash (hopefully relatively few) will move into the new ultra-flexible income drawdown regime.


Each client is very different, but FTAdviser asked ...

How are advisers preparing for the new pensions freedoms?

Adviser Business Review, 17.02.2015

What actions are adviser firms taking in preparation for the new pensions rules post 6 April 2015? Fiona Bond reports  


April 2015 will mark the start of a new era for pensions, with a host of far-reaching rules promising greater pensions freedoms for savers. The pensions market is no stranger to change, as recent years have proved, but once again advisers are having to adapt – and quickly ...

Adviser charging: Why you should declare 'no deal' on discounts

Professional Adviser, 05.02.2015

With adviser charging old news to many advisers and their clients, price negotiations are inevitable. Here, Sheriar Bradbury explains why you should stand firm... 

Changing tack: How pensions freedom altered Bradbury Hamilton's business plan

Professional Adviser, 29.01.2015

Sheriar Bradbury talks to Jenna Towler about how pensions freedom has altered his firm’s acquisition strategy and swelled new business volumes