Acquired April 2013

I chose to sell my client bank to Bradbury Hamilton Ltd primarily because of the sincerity of Sheriar Bradbury and the fact he uses his own funds to make purchases shows he is fully committed. Timescales can be tailored to suit your own requirements and Bradbury Hamilton Ltd work with you to ensure the process of transition is as smooth as possible. It’s in Bradbury Hamilton’s – and your own – interest to make the acquisition succeed.


The move to Bradbury Hamilton has allowed me to continue looking after my existing clients whilst being granted access to new clients that they have acquired in the North. I can now concentrate on spending more time servicing clients which should in the medium to long term be financially beneficial to BHL and provide myself with an ongoing income stream after my sale.

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Acquired  May 2013

In January this year I decided to leave the industry, after researching my options I finalised a deal with Bradbury Hamilton Limited and am now in the final stages of transferring my client bank. I chose BHL because I was impressed with Sheriar Bradbury the Managing Director who had been highly recommended by two other IFAs, both of whom had already moved their client banks to BHL.


It was also reassuring to know BHL had previous experience of numerous acquisitions over the past 20 years.


Working together with the BHL team on the transfer process I have found them to be well organised and professional, as well as helpful and always courteous throughout a potentially complex acquisition, involving dissolving my existing partnership and transferring my client bank.

I would feel happy to recommend BHL to any IFA who is considering selling their client bank.


Acquired November 2012

When looking for an exit solution during 2012, I wanted to find a firm with good standing where my clients would continue to have a highly personalised service.  My prime objective was to find a small to medium size business that was RDR ready with tight compliance and a longstanding fee based model.


Sheriar Bradbury (the MD of BHL) has quite a high profile within the industry and his team of advisers were very impressive having excellent back office support.  They were able to blend their proposition to fit the needs of all of my clients and I was very happy with the terms of the sale and the acquisition process which was faultless and timely.


In particular, the transfer of agencies was efficiently managed and there was hardly any interruption to the flow of existing commissions.  The back office support and IT data transfer was seamless.


All in all, the process enabled me to step back from the advice giving process so that I could fully focus on helping to establish client relationships during the transition process and this has worked very well indeed.


It is clear to me that BHL will grow from strength to strength and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any IFA looking to pass on their client banks.

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Acquired June 2012

By June of 2012 I had personally acquired all the necessary qualifications required to enable my company JHI Limited to continue to trade in the new RDR environment that came into effect from the 1st January 2013. However for me to be able to move my company forward into the direction I wanted to go, I would require more staff and the additional time etc. entailed to make the transition successful.


Having previously been contacted by Bradbury Hamilton, I spoke to them again and they were not only able to make me a very attractive offer for the good will and my company’s client base, but they could also offer me the ability to continue to work as an adviser for them. This means that I can continue to deal with my former clients as well as with new clients provided by BHL with the additional support that Bradbury Hamilton provide.


The transfer process was very straightforward and Bradbury Hamilton’s staff were all extremely helpful during the transition period.


The whole process from the initial meeting at the end of June 2012 took approximately eight weeks to conclude.


Acquired December 2010

Following our acquisition by Bradbury Hamilton in December 2010, I have found the transition from 20+ years as a Practice Principal to Wealth Management Consultant at BHL to be very smooth. The staff are efficient and very professional. They are also very friendly and easy to get on with.


The service offered to clients is very professional and competent. The highly qualified Paraplanning team complement and enhance the skills and knowledge of the advisers.


Administration and paperwork is handled very well, with good quality back office systems to allow quick retrieval of relevant paperwork and other correspondence.

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